GREATful WOMAN Talks!™ Volume 1 –
Giving from Your Overflow Starts with Self-Care!

Hello GREATful READERs dedicated to a life of confidence, joy and success — on YOUR terms. Stephanie Bavaro here, your GREATful StoryTeacher. Thank you for your investment in you with GREATful Woman Talks!™  Volume 1 – Giving from Your Overflow Starts with Self-Care! We are thrilled you are here!

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Sekou Andrews, champion Poetic Voice writes about the book, “Have you seen the cover? This is not a book of Cosmo-fed young girls giving their “10 Steps to Self-Confidence.” No, this is a treasure chest of world-class, glowing, gracious, grown-and-sexy women serving up their proven recipes for greatness – in business, relationships, spirituality, health, sex, family and just about any other area at which you might want to be great.” Juicy eh? Check out more in the Foreword:

Also, enjoy the replay of the Virtual Book Launch call from September 16, 2014. Kate McKay and Allyson Byrd joined us for some juicy coaching and insights. It was BRILL!!

Here are some Interviews after going #1 (free from YouTube) 

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