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Amplify Your Expertise – How To Get Paid For What You Already Know!

Tina Brinkley Potts is a business strategist, online marketing trainer and success coach. She helps professionals and small business owners utilize strategy and technology to grow their business and careers to expert status.
Tina’s clients range from retired professional athletes to traditional business owners. International clients from over 25 countries access and apply Tina’s online trainings and strategy sessions.
Tina’s expertise includes teaching entrepreneurs how to connect all of the dots with online marketing, social media and automation. Utilizing the goldmine which is YOU, Tina will help you hone your storehouse of knowledge, education and experience so that you can chart your path to the dollar amount you wish to reach.
Tina’s philosophy of Mastery is when theory and experience intertwine resulting in purposeful action. As a result of applying this theory in their businesses, Tina’s clients are enjoying enhanced freedom, greater clarity and increased profits.

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