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Life Balance For Success…
Your Body. Bedroom. Babies. and Boardroom!

Tanya Penny, Stress Therapy Coach and Certified iRest® Teacher, partners with her clients to step out of overwhelm, burnout and exhaustion into a balanced, purposeful and passionate life that brings them joy.

In seeking to overcome her own physical and emotional issues, she realized the primary cause of it all was her inability to manage stress in her life. That’s when she found a practice called Integrative Restoration (iRest®) and it completely changed her life. Using the same tools and techniques she uses to relieve her own overwhelm, anxiety and stress, Tanya teaches busy women how to create life balance so they can live their passionate lives. Tanya is an international coach, speaker, and teacher.

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Creating Life Balance 101
Creating Life Balance 101: During This Audio Class You Will Learn: What A balanced life looks like (for you), the “signs” that tell you when you are out of balance, and tools to identify the cause of your stress and to shift you back into balance quickly and easily. Plus experience a 20-minute guided iRest practice, the “secret tool” I use daily to free stress and feel balanced. This gift includes a downloadable iRest practice MP3 and PDF Outline.

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