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Building Your Resilience Muscle!

TaJuan (TeeJ) Mercer— Called “Awesome, Amazing and Authentic” by Sherri Shepherd of The View, TeeJ is an Award-winning TV editor and Award-winning International author who impacts the lives of millions through her storytelling. For 20 years she has masterfully crafted stories for giants such as ABC, NBC, Bravo, MTV, VH1, and The Walt Disney Company.

For the last 8 years, she has exclusively worked in Reality TV, where she has worked on everything from The Bachelor to Swamp People. Now, as a Reality TV Coach, TeeJ teaches everyday people how to navigate the convoluted process of getting cast on their fave reality shows–whether it’s the next Snooki, Survivor, American Idol, the Bachelor, Top Chef or Animal planet’s My Cat From Hell. TeeJ even teaches how you can package your own show to possibly go from obscurity to a household name.TeeJ’s other passion is to teach people how to build their Resilience Muscle®.

With a life mantra of “walk it before you talk it,” TeeJ has rebuilt her own Resilience Muscle after recovering from the devastating miscarriage of her beloved daughter, surviving a verbally and physically abusive marriage followed by an ego-destroying bankruptcy. TeeJ is the author of 2 books: The award-winning “40 Days Till 40RTY: Life Lessons From the Ramblings of My UNFILTERED Thoughts” and the newly released “So You Want To Be On A Reality Show?: Insider Tips to Make the Cut”. She is also the creator of the weekly blog “Tuesdays With TeeJ”, a vlog dedicated to building your Resilience Muscle®

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1. PDF of First Chapter of her first book, “40 Days Till 40RTY: Life Lessons From the Ramblings of My UNFILTERED Thoughts”. The first chapter is titled “Oops Ain’t in God’s Vocabulary,” and is powerful because it is the first step on her path to resilience. TeeJ revealed secrets that had been holding her in bondage for several years. And yet, it was those revelations that gave her her FREEDOM!

2. A PDF of the 10 Mistakes Casting Director’s Hate! — This is great for ANYONE who would want to ever be on TV (and it is FUN!)!!!

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