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Living Strong, Lean & Flexible!

Stephanie Bavaro, the CEO of GREATful Woman® LLC, is dedicated to providing her clients with the clarity and resources to take their next-best step — in business and life. An award-winning entrepreneur and certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Stephanie is a Virtual Executive™ and Systems Whisperer™, consulting at all levels — from corporate programs to private coaching of her award winning TeleSummit Success™ program. A #1 International best-selling author, Stephanie shares juicy insights from brilliant transformational leaders with her GREATful Woman Talks! And yes, GREATful Woman® offers sexy BLING t-shirts, water-bottles, bags and more with GREATful Gear™. Learn and explore more at www.GREATfulWoman.com.

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Enjoy the GREATful Woman® Opt-In — A Legal Separation Agreement from your Monkey Mind
The truth is that this site *IS* my bonus to you! But as a little extra fun, enjoy access to the fabulous Separation Agreement I wrote “legally” and lovingly separating me from my Monkey Mind. He will always be in my life, but no longer rules it. Enjoy this fun and powerful look at our relationship with out mind and fears! Hugs — Stephanie

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