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Living Self-M.A.F.matics!

Shvilla Rasheem (S Rasheem) is the CEO of Be More LLC. An agency she founded to guide Servant-Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector into transforming their communities. Author of “Be More: A Mortal’s Guide Through Divine Self-discovery” and “The Be More Project” (an meditative poetry CD).

Rasheem has transformed not only her life from homelessness, joblessness, and having no education to being a landlord and CEO, she has also transformed the lives of countless others through service, speaking and writing. Using her signature “Be More” system she shares with others how she, the product of teenage pregnancy and a heroin-addicted father can Be More.

“Be More” is based on the premise that there is something in all of us that is greater than our circumstance. Considered the ‘Be More Catalyst’ by her peers in the industry her powerful message of transformation, triumph and purpose inspires many to Be More, Do More and Serve More. Rasheem has dedicated a life of learning and experience to transforming the lives of individuals and charitable organizations. She combines pragmatism and passion to create lasting chance in people’s lives.

As a Certified Nonprofit Professional with a Masters in Nonprofit Management, Rasheem has extensive experience and education in Nonprofit Management and Organizational Leadership. Rasheem has worked with and for local and International Nonprofits to make them PROFITABLE. People hire her for her head, like her for her heart and trust her because she uses both to solve their biggest problems.

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Self-MAFmatics Poem
Self Mafmatics is an inspirational poem accompanied by vocals. It serves as a soundtrack through divine self-discovery. The poem Self-MAFmatics is a single from Rasheem’s recently released transformational poetry album titled “The Be More Project”. The genre is Spoken Word. It is a tribute to the struggle, strength and evolution of the human heart through unconditional self-acceptance, compassion and growth.

Self-MAFmatics is for the song that lives within you that does not want to die unheard.

  • Unlock the origin of what motivates you and how to leverage it to Be More.
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and move beyond the demobilizing stories you tell yourself.
  • Learn how to resist the temptation to be persuaded by any condition that is not congruent with the strength of your vision to “Be More”.

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