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Awakening Life! Define, Align, and Monetize!

Patrina Wisdom also known as “The Fresh Start Specialist” is a life and business coach and speaker who believes that in order to live a full life you must connect with, embrace, and exercise every part of yourself.

Patrina has helped hundreds of high achieving, success driven individuals like you reconnect with who they really are, maintain work life balance, be more efficient in their home and work lives, and reclaim a life of fulfillment, passion, freedom, better relationships, and natural joy!

Patrina is a widowed mother of four, entrepreneur, and expert whole-life strategist who has helped hundreds of individuals transition seamlessly from lives of monotony and “should do’s” to a life of fun, fulfillment, and natural joy by practicing Sacred Self Care. A life that is authentically aligned and in integrity with your core values. She is proof that fully embracing who you are, being clear on your purpose, implementing a conscious life plan, and igniting your passions are the keys to creating your ideal business and life.

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To help release energy draining expectations and start us on the path to better relationships, empowered choices, and natural joy!!! (valued at $97)

Imagine that right NOW ― in this very moment ― you can set free the confidence and the courage to live your best life! The Awakenings by Patrina Wisdom provides you exactly that! In three easy to understand guiding principles you’ll discover ways to activate a true sense of direction and stand strong in your own power.

  • You’ll find ways to release disempowering beliefs, and sabotaging actions.
  • You’ll free yourself of persistent, limiting fears, that block the view of what’s possible for you and your life,
  • You’ll immediately gain access to more fulfilling relationships, clarity for empowered choices, sense of purpose, happiness, passion, and natural joy!

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