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Creating a Sacred Spaces to
Unlock Your Highest Calling!

Nikki Klugh, a 13+-year veteran of interior design, is the principal designer and owner of Nikki Klugh Design Group. She is deeply passionate about creating breathtaking, beautiful and highly functional homes.

Nikki firmly believe that your home should be a place that not only reflects who you are, but more importantly, supports who you are becoming.

Her holistic approach to interior design ensures that your home enhances your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and becomes a place of restoration, rejuvenation and inspiration!

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10 Steps to Creating Your Personal Sanctuary
This is a step-by-step workbook that helps you to start analyzing, planning and creating your own personal sanctuary. Nikki walks you through the process that she uses for her clients to design a space that is truly nurturing, beautiful and high functional!

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