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Mothyna James-Brightful “A Nation can rise no higher than it’s woman,” a quote by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad edifies the passionate belief that Mothyna James-Brightful has in her mission to work with women and girls to build upon the quality of their lives and thus that of their families and communities. She has honored speaking requests at national conferences, community programs and Universities.

Sister Mothyna enjoys serving as a consultant for numerous community organizations that serve women and girls. In recognition of her works, she has appeared in publications such as Black College Today, Ebony, Trends Magazine, Be What I Want to Be Magazine and The Afro-American Newspapers. Sister Mothyna is also the co-author of Because I am a Queen…100 Affirmations for Daily Living and is preparing her second book Engage. Inspire. Prevent. Educating Teens on Sexual Violence, which is due to be released fall 2013.

In addition to her commitment to her community, Sister Mothyna currently works as the Director of Community Education and Training with TurnAround Inc. a non-profit that works with victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Mothyna is the co-founder and Visionary Director of Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc.

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