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Life in 4G!

Monokia Nance, founder of Artistic Mirror Marketing & Design, Inc., is a creative arts enthusiast who combined her passion for the arts and almost a decade of experience in youth development to reach young people of all ages and their families. Realizing that many families currently consist of single mothers catapulted her on a journey to focus on women. As a result she Co-founded Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc. and currently serves as the Executive Director. Her company has serviced a wide variety of clientele ranging from institutions to local businesses such as: University of Maryland Poison Center, Baltimore City Public School System, The After-School Institute, Gypsy Soul and Be FRAMED. Mrs. Nance has made it her life’s work to create lasting changes in the lives of, to advocate for, and nurture the growth of youth and their families by planning and implementing school, community, and religious outreach programs.

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