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Stepping out of Fear & Doubt
and into your Dreams!

Marjean Holden is a very successful international transformational trainer, speaker, actress, producer, stuntwoman and mom, a woman who is extremely passionate about inspiring and encouraging others to dream bigger, express themselves more fully and have more freedom in their lives.

In 2005 after starring or appearing in over 40 feature films and television shows, Marjean put her very successful twenty plus year acting career in the entertainment industry on hold to pursue another of her life long dreams of inspiring others from the personal development platform.

Two years prior, in 2003, Marjean was introduced to Peak Potentials, T. Harv Eker’s success training company. At Peak Potentials Marjean discovered an organization whose mission of educating and inspiring people to live in their Higher Selves was in alignment with her own. She subsequently became Peak Potentials’ first female trainer then expanded into leading T.Harv Eker Signature programs in Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, Italy, Germany, Holland, Australia and Taiwan.

Though Marjean continues to travel the globe, training and facilitating people to breakthrough their limitations and attain new levels of success in their lives, she has now stepped back into the Film Industry and will not only be in front of the camera again, but also behind it as a Writer and Producer. So far she has helped transform the lives of tens of thousands of people from around the globe and ready to take broaden her horizons and take her message to the world through the Magic of Movies!

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