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Win the Room – Key Secrets to develop
your in-person and online presence!

Kelly Hadous is the CEO and founder of WinTheRoom.com — the premier training and communication company that transforms your public speaking, pitching, leadership and teaches you how to leverage social media to communicate and influence to an even wider audience. WTR’s foundation is steeped in positive psychology, business and sports strategy, and theatrical performance.

From Broadway to Wall Street, Kelly is a born communicator; as a classically trained actor she lit up her share of stages across the globe, and spent 7 years trading risk arbitrage securities on the trading floor of Dillon Read & Co. At the heart, she is a communication strategist. Kelly is a master certified coach, as well as a sought after public speaker who has spoken at 3 TEDx’s on the Art of Communication. Kelly holds degrees from New York University and Columbia University.

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1) Free Audio: Win the Room (Click here) – Key Secrets to develop your in-person and online presence. This talk is a recording of a live presentation Kelly gave on how to grow your communication skills so you can be a more effective speaker in every aspect of your life.


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