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How To Outsell Every Man In Your Office… by Using What Comes Naturally!

Judy Hoberman As a former Agency Manager, trainer and veteran salesperson, Judy Hoberman has created a company that finally addresses the gender issues and differences that affect corporate America. Her company, Selling in a Skirt goes beyond a standard training program – it presents a method, a philosophy and a way of life for the next generation of winning sales women.

Judy’s objective is to change the culture of sales teams so they are more effective at addressing the differences between men and women – both in the workplace with each other and in the field with their clients. She is committed to helping women in sales to use their own gender-based talents to make more sales; to help male managers recruit, train, and retain female sales professionals; and to teach both genders how to sell to the lucrative female market. Remember-we are all in sales-selling our most valuable commodity ourselves. Judy is the host of a weekly radio show called Selling In A Skirt and is also featured as “The Gender Expert” on Fox News Radio. She is the author of Selling In A Skirt, The Secrets Women Don’t Know They Know About Sales….And What Men Should Know Too and her new book Famous Isn’t Enough: Earning Your Fortune As An Entrepreneur.

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  1. Judy has an exclusive offer that has never been marketed before. It is an eBook called “Skirting The Issues” and is a mini-guide filled with some of the most sought after principles, examples and action items that you can put into practice immediately…and best of all it’s free for all the listeners.
  2. As an added bonus, Judy put together an eLearning course that has been years in the making and talk about ups and downs! It is finally ready and is called “Sales Training With A Twist”….the twist is we talk about women in business and how what we do may be just a bit different. The training is 10 modules and will be offered at $297 BUT for everyone on GREATful WOMAN calls, I am offering it for $197. You will feel like I’m right there with you because there are videos galore to guide you through the modules.

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