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Positive Living through Positive Language!

Jotina Buck is no stranger to loss, hardship, and failure. Her story of losses and triumphs evoke change in people across the globe. She has shared the message of life change through positive language in Capetown, South Africa, Uganda, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Brazil. She prides herself on a practical approach to embracing life change.

She is trained in mind mapping, positive psychology, visioning, and spiritual development. Her no nonsense, truth telling, and passionately contagious energy captivates major audiences nationwide. Jotina’s creative approaches to create change and produce sustainability are truly world-class change agents.

After this talk, you can check out www.jotinabuck.com for more details on her latest book Change Your Language, Change Your Life: Discovering What You Can Say Differently Today to Change Your Tomorrow and for details on Creative Visioning, Meditation, and Manifestation Workshops.

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Free Change Your Language, Change Your Life Gratitude and Meditation E-Journal
• When you increase your words of gratitude and genuinely give to others, it will all come back to you.
• Mindful moments in meditation helps you…Feel less stressed, concentrate more easily, perform more efficiently, have fewer conflicts with others, improve health, feel happier, reach your full potential, and channel life-enriching language.
• The fastest way to experience life change is through intentional gratitude and mindfulness.