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How to Get Clients, Live Well, and Feel Good on a Close-to-Zero Budget!

Jordana Jaffe, founder of Embarkability, is a business coach who helps women entrepreneurs plan more in their businesses so that they can play more in their lives. As a former professional organizer, she is all about planning, goal-setting and spreadsheets galore. She started Embarkability with only $25 and it is now a six figure company. After having her first 6-figure year, Jordana realized that while money may bring freedom, happiness and security, there’s no definite correlation.As a result, Jordana gave her priorities a serious makeover and now makes sure that play and fun are part of her daily life. Whether knitting baby blankets, finger painting, having tea parties with girlfriends or delighting in afternoon yoga classes, Jordana is all about following the fun. She believes that planning and playing is essential to creating a profitable business and helps her clients do the same.

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