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Protecting your Brand — What you need to know about Copywriting, Trademarking,
and Intellectually Protecting your Business!

Jason Rosenblum The Law Office of Jason H. Rosenblum, PLLC protects it clients, products, brands, and businesses from getting ripped off, so that they can focus on their talent and creativity. Our goal is simply to provide general business consultation with an eye toward the legal issues, so that the client can focus on building their business and ultimately making more money.

Starting and running a business means you enter a legal world. It’s just a fact. We focus on open communication with our clients in order to build long-term, trusting relationships. We are not only attorneys, but counsellors and advisors as well.

Just as your practice is about helping others become stronger and better in their lives, our practice is about making your business stronger and better protected legally.

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– Strengthen your assets by intellectually protecting your property
– Learn how to make your brand an asset and not a liability

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