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GREATful Woman® Talks! Q&A

Hi. Many of these are from the TeleSummit event, but still apply (mostly) so I left them. If you have a specific question, please email your question to talks@greatfulwoman.com.

  1. Stephanie, why did you decide to create GREATful WOMAN Talks! and hold the 2013 Telesummit?
  2. What does it mean to be a GREATful Woman (and why do we spell GREATful like that)?
  3. Who are the GREATful Woman Talks! speakers? What made you chose them? What are some of their topics?
  4. What are the GREATful Woman communities out there? How can I connect with other GREATful Women?
  5. Why do you need my email and how will you use it?

Question: Stephanie, why did you decide to create GREATful Woman and to hold the 2013 Telesummit?

This is simple – I created the event that I wish I had had 12+ years ago (or any time earlier in my life… 2001 was just when I was READY for change… and that can make all the difference). I wish that I had access to women who were successful AND generous. In the past, the successful women I tended to know were hard and competitive; they did not seem to want to foster other’s success, as if it affected theirs.
Then I began to meet and partner with women who showed me what was possible.

  • For example – I have best friends who are women who are physically fit and love their bodies(Something completely foreign to the women in my childhood), and these fit women have nothing but love for other women who struggle with food and body image.
  • I partner with women who are multi-millionaires and just want to serve and bring other women up with them.
  • I know women in beautiful relationships who are their own women – strong an vulnerable – within a loving partnership.
  • I admired and wanted to work from these women, and they helped ME become a GREATful Woman®.

For years I have coached women on everything from love and relationships to food and body images to sex and sexuality to money and career – with so many of the core needs coming down to confidence, joy and success.

We learn best by modeling successful behaviors. I created GREATful Woman Talks! to do just that. I was not joking when I said that it is to celebrate all that we are – from our bodies to the bedroom, from our babies to the boardroom.

Question: What does it mean to be a GREATful Woman®?

I didn’t want to wing this on video.  I wanted to share consciously and from the heart. This is what I wrote an I hope it speaks to you. I did want you to hear me say the words, so the video is here too.

Thank you for that very special question, Barbara. As you can guess this is close to my heart. I did not want to wing this one so I sat down and wrote this last night.

What is a GREATful Woman®?

As a GREATful Woman, you live a life towards confidence, joy & success – on your terms.

The GREATful Woman has learned to live from gratitude (GREATful), even for the blessings that are wrapped in sandpaper with a barbed-wire bow. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t get sad or bad things don’t happen… they do. It is in the GREATful Woman ability to heal, learn, and rise up again that makes all the difference.

The GREATful Woman invites abundance into her life – a life that is GREAT and ful. She strives to live and love in the present moment, knowing she can handle what is sent to her.

The GREATful Woman knows that words are physical and that “The words you speak become the house you live in.” (Hafiz). She takes action and chooses from love (the core of abundance) instead of fear (the core of scarcity – and the opposite of abundance). This does not mean she is frivolous or extravagant; this means that she lives in joy.

And lastly, the GREATful Woman embraces her perfect imperfections as a woman, leaning into her feminine strengths to live life on life’s terms, understanding and moving towards her needs and desires.

  • She is forever learning and growing.
  • She is strong – sure, maybe physically – but also emotionally and spiritually. She knows who she is – including the things she may want to transform – and loves herself through it all. She is able to be of service to others because she is of service to herself first.
  • She is exactly who she is.
  • She is me.
  • She is you.
  • She is a GREATful Woman


Question: Who are the GREATful Woman Talks! speakers? What made you chose them? What are some of their topics?

This is the video from the 2013 TeleSummit, but I thought you may enjoy it, so I left it!

I asked each GREATful Woman Talks! Speaker to talk about something the GREATful Woman needs to know. It does not get any simpler than that..

I told you these were powerful and juicy!


Question: What are the GREATful Woman communities out there? How can I connect with other GREATful Women (and men)?

The video is from the TeleSummit and should be helpful (and 99% accurate) For the best details, the links are below. Please note that the Facebook FAN page was updated to http://www.FACEBOOK.com/gwtalks.

Part of the power of GREATful Woman Talks!™  is the brilliant, supportive community.

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Question: Can I invite my friends and family to come?

Of course! The bigger the community, the stronger we are!  Just send them to www.gwtalks.com or www.GREATfulWomanTalks.com. There is even a link from www.GREATfulWoman.com

THANK YOU for spreading the word!! Hugs! — Stephanie


Question: Why do you need my email and how will you use it?

This is from the Telesummit, but still applies. The bottom line is that it is ONLY used to get you your information. Your information is never bought, shared or sold. See the footer of every page for a link to the privacy policy.

And GMAIL users, watch the video to see how to make sure you are getting your GREATful Woman  emails in your inbox.


NOTE: I grabbed this pic from Christine Kloser. 🙂

Gmail now automatically filters your email messages for you into three categories with tabs (at the top): 1. “Primary,” 2. “Social,” and 3. “Promotions”.  Here are the quick instructions to ensure you are getting your GREATful Woman emails: 

  1. Find one of our emails in your “Promotions” tab. 
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You also have the option of completely removing these new tabs. Go to your Gmail settings by clicking on the “gear” icon on the upper right. Click on the “Configure inbox” link, then unselect all categories but “Primary.” Save your changes.

As always, I send you light and love from GREATful Woman Talks! —
Celebrating all that we are from our bodies to the bedroom,
from our babies to the boardroom! Hugs — StephanieGfWT_divider-noText-Right_rev0705