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Loving yourself enough to protect your business!

Genavieve Shingle is an entrepreneur and a lawyer. She recently started her own legal practice as the affordable lawyer for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

She provides you with the tools to protect your business while sprinkling in a little love. Growing up, she was a nationally competitive gymnast for 15 years competing in the Junior Olympics. She then earned a full-scholarship to compete for Penn State. After college, Genavieve moved to the Big Apple and shortly thereafter, started law school. In the rare moments she isn’t working, she loves yoga, reading, and seeing Broadway shows!

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Understanding Legal Contracts for Entrepreneurs: what do I need and why do I need it?
This bonus will provide descriptions of the essential contracts that you will need to get your business off the ground so that you can feel safe and protected. With this information you

  • To give business owners CLARITY is what is really need what is not
  • To give peace of mind as Genavieve describes these in words you will understand
  • To feel confident that their businesses will be protected by implementing certain contracts

This is great if you have a business or if you want to get a new business going.

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