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Respect, Release, Refresh, The Queen Within!

Deborah Mills is co-founder and CEO of DeborahJerome LLC were an uprising is going on that says, “Healthy relationships are your birth-rite”.Deborah declares the quality of all relationships, at home, at work and at play begin with your relationship with yourself. So it is vitally important that you KNOW yourself and you are free to BE yourself. As a leading thought leader Deborah’s expertise has been shared in publications such as Ebony Magazine, NBC’s the Grio, and The Good Enough Mother. Deborah is a transformational life strategist known worldwide for her no nonsense yet loving approach to helping you experience the best life has to offer. She is a get results kind of person, as a mentor, strategist, and coach; she is there pulling for you when you don’t feel like pulling for yourself.

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Free audio download – Free to Stand in My Greatness
This free 30-minute audio gives you 5 strategies to help you to unapologetically stand in your greatness. There is greatness inside YOU! If you haven’t tapped into that greatness let’s begin the process. If you already have a glimpse of your greatness this audio will help you dive deeper.

Together we will answer the question, “Am I Created for Greatness?” and then we will talk about getting free to stand in your greatness.

Benefits: You will come away from this audio session 1] a little lighter, free from the pressures of what others may think of you 2] standing a little taller as you begin to create your own destiny, 3] empowered and inspired to be more or do more than you did yesterday.

This bonus is all about YOU the GREATful Woman!

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