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GREATful WOMAN Talks!™ Community

We all know that one of the secrets to success is rallying the troops around you! At GREATful WOMAN Talks!™ we want you to have the community YOU want, but we are not sure what that looks like. Part of the power of GREATful WOMAN Talks!™ is the brilliant, supportive community. Here is what we already have in place:

  1. LIKE the GREATful WOMAN Talks! (GWTALKS) Facebook page CLICK HERE. 
  2. JOIN our GREATful WOMAN Facebook Group HERE. (NOTE: This Facebook group is for women only! Sorry lovely men, but you can join everything else.)
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  6. SHARE and INVITE your friends, family, colleagues, Facebook community – anywhere and everywhere. The bigger the community, the more powerful we can be.
  7. FIND me in Facebook and LinkedIn  as StephanieB.

Please tell us what else YOU want in the GREATful WOMAN Talks! Community!

For example,

  1. Do you want a Community forum here within this page just for MEMBERS of this site? OR are you happy with just using the community option listed above?
  2. Would you like periodic (maybe monthly) live calls for Q&A and/or to highlight a speaker?
  3. Do you want a forum to post your Questions (for the community to answer) here  or do you prefer to post your questions in Facebook (page or group) or in email (talks@GREATfulWOMAN.com).

We are here to support you, but don’t want to ASSUME what you want. Because there is so much available now, we will listen to YOU for anything else. We are ready. 

Remember: We completely respect your privacy! Your information is never shared or sold!