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Don’t Just Live Your Life, LEAD it!

CeCe Clark is an entrepreneur, speaker and author of the upcoming book After the Fall: Creating Success in the Face of Failure (Barrett-Kohler, 2013).

With a strong background in sales, marketing, process improvement and personal development, CeCe works to empower new and aspiring entrepreneurs to profit from their passions while utilizing their talents to create a life they absolutely love.

The system you’ll learn today helped CeCe go from working a low-level job at a bank where she earned $17 dollars an hour to being the owner of two lucrative consulting firms with customers spanning three continents and she did it in less than 36 months.

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This life plan process is an incredibly powerful and eye-opening exercise that will help develop clarity by providing you with a grand vision for where it is you are leading your life.

By following the life plan you create for yourself, you won’t just end up wherever life takes you. You will DIRECT your life exactly where you choose it to be.

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