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How to Plan, Produce and Profit
From A Women’s Retreat!

Caterina Rando For over twenty years Caterina has been showing women how to be loud and proud about the value they bring.She is a sought after speaker, best-selling author and the founder of THRIVE Publishing a company that publishes multi-author books for women to get their message out there.

Caterina is also the founder of The Sought After Speaker Summit and Enliven: How to Plan, Produce and Profit From A Women’s Retreat. Caterina is all about showing women how to monetize their message, while serving and bringing a ton of value.

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Audio on How to Do Your Own Retreat
This is an information-packed session that goes into detail on the three key areas of having a successful retreat or event. With Caterina, you will discuss the rookie mistakes to avoid, and go into detail on the profit part — which is the biggest area Caterina sees even women that are already doing retreats can use an upgrade it. This is a content rich session that will get you well on your way to your own successful retreat or event.

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