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The ABC’s and 123’s of Transforming Your Health!

Anthony Elfonzia Born and raised in the Cleveland Metro Area, Anthony Elfonzia is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Restorative Therapist. Anthony spent 20 years as a firefighter for the City of Cleveland. An he aspired to show the world what healthy living and fitness could do, he stepped on the bodybuilding stage in Paris, France as a natural bodybuilder and walked away with first place overall.

Now a resident of the Los Angeles area, Anthony has devoted himself to helping others achieve self-confidence and a healthier life. He has several high profile clients and CEOs of multi-million dollar companies and he has been showcased in resorts in San Diego and as far as way as Croatia.

Known as Coach Anthony his Non-Negotiable 90 Day Health Transformation Program has been featured on national syndicated talk shows. Anthony’s mission is to educate, inspire, and infuse people with the motivation to build and maintain a loving, healthy, and laughter filled life. In his words, ” Let’s have some fun!”

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