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How to E.M.E.R.G.E., Own Your Voice and
Claim your Greatness!

Anne Palmer is an internationally recognized author and speaker. She is a clarity expert as well as a leadership and communication strategist to gifted and talented adults. Anne began her professional journey as an International runway model and on-camera talent. She even appeared in Francis Ford Coppola’s movie “The Cotton Club”. The former Emmy-Award winning talk show host, corporate spokesperson and non-profit executive who now uses the gifts of her voice, her sage-like intuitive wisdom and mentoring skills to transform the lives of the people she touches.

She considers her greatest achievement to have raised two incredible young adults – her son Brad a Georgetown graduate now entrepreneur and her daughter a PhiBeta Kappa graduate of Stanford University who is currently doing a joint Master/PhD program at Princeton University.

Another GREATful WOMAN, Lisa Nichols, describes Anne as “A profound orator, gifted speaker, anointed and blessed teacher and trainer, Anne give you nuggets, tools, systems and knowledge that will inspire you, encourage you and give you that piece of hope and understanding that we all look for…Truly one of my favorite people. “

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2. AND …for even GREATer clarity you also get a free Mp3 recording of “Being Clear”…Tuning Your “Anne-Ten-A” to a Clear Channel CD. Yes, Antenna is a play on words – Anne’s Ten A’s. In this simple yet powerful cd, I reveal ten (10) actions that help you fine-tune your life so that you E.M.E.R.G.E. each day GREATful to be alive.

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