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Welcome GREATful WOMAN dedicated to a life of confidence, joy and success on YOUR terms.
Let’s get this started… How many of us simply want long-lasting confidence, joy and success?  What if I — with the help of our time’s thought leaders — could show you how it lives within you now and give you tools to unleash it, would you find that valuable?

Hi, I am Stephanie Bavaro and I want to INVITE you to the transformational GREATful WOMAN Talks! - celebrating all that we are … from our bodies to the bedroom – from our babies to the boardroom.

  • WHATGREATful WOMAN Talks!  celebrating all that we are… from our body to the bedroom, from our babies to the boardroom!
  • WHEN? Anytime you want — there are always free talks to experience and more to add to your personal success library!
  • WHERE? The comfort of your home, computer, tablet and/or smartphone! (ahhhhh….)

No muss, no fuss, no travel, no drama —  just fun, learning, sharing, and a whole lot of transformation – all from the comfort of your computer, phone or tablet!

As a woman today, no matter what your struggles are, you need tools and community to find lasting success- on YOUR terms. This is what this looked like for me. I had the husband, big house, and high-paying corporate job. From the outside, I looked successful, and yet I was so unhappy because I was living someone else’s definition of success. When I looked inside, with honesty and could NAME what would bring me joy – what success meant to me – everything shifted and opened up.

What is “success” is for me won’t look the same for you- and that is fantastic. One thing we do have in common as women is that we are born to nurture, love and support. And with GREATful WOMEN, you’ve come home.

Speaking of HOME, who’s in the HOUSE — of GREATful WOMAN Talks? I can’t wait to share with you the brilliant women and men I have partnered with. Women who are just like you and me (even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way!). Here are just a few….


What if I said that you could have free access to a woman in “The SECRET” and author of many books, including two Chicken Soup for the Souls? Lisa Nichols is in the house.


The Enlightened Entrepreneur and Multiple-Steams-of-Income multi-milti-multi millionare and success coach, Robert G Allen is here to share!


What if I said you could have free access to the previous VP of Products for Tony Robbins for 17 years who now is soaring on her own with MakeMarketLaunchIT (and other exciting ventures)? Pam Hendrickson is in the house.


What if I said you could have free access to the woman who’s successfully run the Get Radical Conference for five years. Owner of the “Radical Success Institute”, Doreen Rainey, is in the house.

Believe me when I say
this is just the tip of the iceberg
(check out all of the speaker pics below)

with over *50* talks & growing weekly!

And get this ladies – there always are GREATful WOMAN Talks!™ free to experience - our gift to you! Make no mistake, free doesn’t mean without value; it means that we’re all in this together!

Isn’t this a remarkable time for women? Not so long ago, being able to partner with women like this — and with you as part of this event —  to play with us and to learn and grow with us – was not as available as it is today. That’s why I want you to come along with me in this time of growth.

Look. These are these women I hang out with! These are my friends, my coaches, my accountability group, my colleagues, and sometimes my shoulders – to hold me up when I need support. And remember, you are these things to others people in your life!

Tell me if you relate to this? This is where I am coming from. There was a time in my life when I feel alone. I didn’t know what it meant to have successful AND generous women around me. I was in the corporate world where many of the successful women were hard and well, masculine. I thought that I had to be more tough to succeed, and because it felt incongruent with who I am INSIDE, I grew to despise the work and the person I was working there. Does that sound familiar? 

That is why I created GREATful WOMAN and
ful WOMAN Talks!

So you may be asking – Are these talks for me?

  • Maybe your life just isn’t turning out as you thought or hoped it would.
  • Maybe you give so much to your kids, work, or partner that YOU are somewhere on the bottom of your list… below Fido & Fluffy.
  • Maybe you have tried to improve your life, but things just don’t stick. Maybe you have more SHELF help than self-help; sitting on your shelh as you hope to learn by osmosis (I so have been there…).
  • Maybe you are leading the life you love and want and you know it takes effort to sustain it… to make it a way of life.
  • Maybe you are seeking a community of other amazing women – who are going through what you are going though and can support you as you learn, heal and transform.

If you see yourself in any of these women,
you are in the right place.

There are three [3] ways to play here at GREATful WOMAN Talks!™  (i.e. three [3] Membership Levels):

  1. BROWSE: This membership level is FREE and is the default just for registering. Guess what you can do here? Yes, that is right… BROWSE. You can look around at the over 50 talks (and growing each month). See the talks, speakers, bio’s, etc. There always are talks you can experience for free from our SPOTLIGHT speaker (under Find a Talk), and  you can download any individual speaker’s Talk (mp3) and Transcript (PDF) for only $7 (from each Speaker’s page)!
  2. LISTEN: This is like an internet Radio. All talks are turned on for listen-only access. You will have to be connected to the internet, but they are there for you when you want them. There are monthly and annual investment points to make your life easier. Like BROWSE, you can download any individual speaker’s Talk (mp3) and Transcript (PDF) for only $7 (from each Speaker’s page)!
  3. OWN: This is the best! If you are like me, you want to learn HOW you want, WHEN you want! In addition to the internet-radio-like access to all talks, you can  DOWNLOAD ALL TALK+TRANSCRIPT” from each speaker page!! There are monthly and annual investment points to make your life easier. WOOHOO.

And from BROWSE and LISTEN, you can download any individual speaker’s Talk (mp3) and Transcript (PDF) for only $7!!! There is a “OWN THIS INDIVIDUAL TALK+TRANSCRIPT” button from every speaker page. That button is “DOWNLOAD THIS INDIVIDUAL TALK+TRANSCRIPT” after you have purchased it or if your membership level is OWN.

So how do GREATful WOMAN Talks!™ work? Each speaker and I will explore a topic that we — as GREATful WOMEN – need to know … a topic in her area of expertise. Also she’ll share her challenges, maybe where she wasn’t supported, her breakdowns AND she will share how coped, broke through, and rose up.

When you register, you’ll get strategies to

  • Feel confidence and love exactly who you are TODAY
  • Name YOUR goals and desires (crazy powerful)
  • Find peace with your past, joy in the present, and hope for the future
  • Manifest the life that YOU desire – in your relations, health and career!

We have made this so easy for you. You gifts will start immediately. In addition, we’re social – you can join, follow and CONNECT with us.  No worries if that’s not your thing — You can take as little or as much as you want. We created this for YOU.

So join us today for GREATful WOMAN Talks! – celebrating all that we are … from our bodies to the bedroom – from our babies to the boardroom!

Enjoy some pics of the speakers…




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