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How many of us simply want long-lasting confidence, joy and success – on our terms? What if I – along with today’s thought leaders — could show you how it lives within you NOW and give you clarity, tools & community to unleash it — would you find that of value?

Hi, I am GREATful StoryTeacher Stephanie Bavaro and I am INVITING you to the transformational GREATful Woman Talks! celebrating all that we are … from our bodies to the bedroom – from our babies to the boardroom.

Building off the phenomenal success of our 2013 TeleSummit, GREATful Woman Talks!™, where almost 3000 women and men stepped up and celebrated together, I created this site to give you on-going access to everything you need – whether you want to change your routine, expand your mind and heart, or transform your life.

So many women have told me how these talks changed their lives – I included a few testimonials below — I didn’t want to wait for another TeleSummit to get you more talks, so I didn’t. I created this site for you to learn, grow and enjoy.

After all, the GREATful Woman® creed is Confidence, Joy & Success — on Your Terms!!!

I can’t wait for you to meet the brilliant and genuine women – and now yes MEN —  I have partnered with,  such as


What if I said that you could have free access to a woman in “The SECRET” and author of many books, including two Chicken Soup for the Souls? Lisa Nichols is in the house.

The Enlightened Entrepreneur and Multiple-Steams-of-Income multi-milti-multi millionare and success coach, Robert G Allen is here to share!


What if I said you could have free access to the previous VP of Products for Tony Robbins for 17 years who now is soaring on her own with MakeMarketLaunchIT (and other exciting ventures)? Pam Hendrickson is in the house.


What if I said you could have free access to the King of Afformations®, Power Habits and so much more, Noah St John.

Believe me when I say
this is just the tip of the iceberg
(check out all of the speaker pics below)

with over *80* talks & growing!

But don’t take my word for it. Explore this page and the site to meet them.

So how does this work? In each half-hour talk, a thought leader and I will have a real dialogue exploring something that we — the GREATfulWoman— need to know and understand … we’ll learn from their expertise, but also hear their challenges, and how they coped, broke through, and rose up.

BROWSE this site to find the speakers and topics that would serve you most where you are in your life today. This is our gift to you! But make no mistake, free doesn’t mean without value; it means that we’re all in this together!

Not so long ago, being able to partner with leaders like this — and with you as part of this experience – was not as available as it is today.

Look. These ARE the women (& men) I hang out with – my GREATful family! These are my friends, my coaches, my accountability and business partners, my mentors, my colleagues and my support system.

And remember, you are these things to others people in your life!

So you may be asking – Is this for me?

  1. Maybe you just want a little motivation or inspiration as you workout, do chores or when you are driving.
  2. Maybe your life just isn’t turning out as you thought or hoped it would. Maybe you feel tired or frustrated or even hopeless.
  3. Maybe you give so much to your kids, work, or partner that YOU are somewhere on the bottom of your own priority list.
  4. Maybe you’ve tried to improve your life, but things just don’t stick. Maybe you have more SHELF help than self-help…
  5. Maybe you are leading the life you love and want and you know what it takes to sustain it.
  6. Maybe you are seeking a community of other amazing women – who are going through what you are going though and can support you as you learn, heal and transform. 

If you see yourself in any of these women, you are in the right place.

Enjoy to your GREATfulWoman Talks! – celebrating all that we are … from our bodies to the bedroom – from our babies to the boardroom!

Here’s what others have shared about
GREATful Woman® Talks!


“I’ve been invited to speak for more tele-summits than I can count, and I’ve run multi-speaker online events since 2006 (before they were popular).  I know a lot about running a summit, and I decline most invitations …  But when Stephanie Bavaro invited me to be a part of her GREATful Woman Talks I had to say YES!  … She made it easy to say yes, and I was so impressed with her professionalism I even asked her to help me up-level my own online event!”
~Christine Kloser, “The Transformation Catalyst”, ChristineKloser.com
“I am GREATful each day for the words of wisdom from each presenter. I feel so full after each talk. And when I think it cannot get any better, Stephanie brings another dish to the buffet. The best type of abundance. Food that will really help us grow in the right direction.”
~Andrea M. Scott
“Hi Stephanie, GREATful Woman Talks has changed my life. Thank you so much for this amazing group of heart-centered women.”
~Dyane Bradley
“GREATful Woman Talks is one the most amazing and intense collections I have ever experienced. The information, techniques, and tools provided by all of the amazing GREATful women definitely enforced my journey to create my best life. It helped me gain clarity on how to define my goals and stay focused on my path, no matter what. The experience gained from GREATful Woman Talks is priceless. Thank you Stephanie for creating this!”
~Aleksandra Modrow
GWTalks-Testimonial-Aleksandra Modrow
And one that melted my heart… “Thank you for what you do for women. There was a time that I wanted to give up on myself. Then, I came across GREATful Woman Talks and it breathed life into me again. It gives me strength and hope because I came to know that I’m not in this all by myself. Now, I love me – some me, some you, some GREATful woman, and all the sisters in this group. Thank you!”
~Meredith Tweeling

Your #GWTalks speakers…


GREATfulWOMANTalks-AllysonByrdGREATfulWOMANTalks SpeakerGREATfulWOMANTalks-AnnePalmerGREATfulWOMANTalks SpeakerGREATfulWOMANTalks-AntoinetteSykesGREATfulWOMANTalks-ArveeRobinson-300x300GREATfulWOMANTalks-CamekaSmithGWTalks-SpeakerImage-CarolineCain
GREATfulWOMANTalks-ChristineKloserGREATfulWOMANTalks-ChristineJulianGREATfulWOMANTalks-CledraMcCullersGrossGREATfulWOMANTalks SpeakerGWTalks-SpeakerImage-DarnyelleAJervey
GREATfulWOMANTalks-DeboraMcLaughlinGREATfulWOMANTalks-DeborahMillsGREATfulWOMANTalks-DeeMarshallGREATfulWOMANTalks SpeakerGREATfulWOMANTalks-DoreenRaineyGREATfulWOMANTalks-Dr.DavidBermanGREATfulWOMANTalks-ElayneDoughtyGREATfulWOMANTalks-ElleStarrettIngallsGREATfulWOMANTalks-ElsDeboutte-300x300GREATfulWOMANTalks-FeliciaScottGREATfulWOMANTalks-FranHarisGREATfulWOMANTalks-GenavieveShingleGREATfulWOMANTalks-GosiaGornaGREATfulWOMANTalks-JannaWaldingerGREATfulWOMANTalks SpeakerGWTalks-SpeakerImage-JasonRosenblum 300x300GREATfulWOMANTalks-JennFoster-300x300GREATfulWOMANTalks-JenniferKemGREATfulWOMANTalks-JessicaKupferman-300x300GREATfulWOMANTalks-JoanPerry
GREATfulWOMANTalks Speaker
GREATfulWOMANTalks-LisaNichols GREATfulWOMANTalks Speaker
GWTalks-SpeakerImage-Lynnis Woods-Mullins300x300
GREATfulWOMANTalks-MarjeanHolden GREATfulWOMANTalks Speaker
GREATfulWOMANTalks Speaker

GREATfulWOMANTalks Speaker
GREATfulWOMANTalks-VasaviKumarGREATfulWOMANTalks Speaker

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